Spike InfoSec Robotics

Continued with the painting and created this. Technically I'm creating this art to my usual digital paintings with a few changes. First - colour palette. I'm still using red line, blue for background, and red/yellow for characters. The EGA 16 colours is the colour palette which is a change from the usual tones I use for painting. I am also using 100% opacity - normally I'm on 80%. This is because I'm not allowed to use more than the 16 colors and the opacity 80% would count as colours. Here's the piece: spike-robots-LINE   Started with the Spike InfoSec logo and character name. Drew the full figure character. Made it the usual robotic look, with spikes. I then redrew the character on the left in order to create a slightly different version (and larger!). This second character had spikes on it's arm and an eye ball. The next one to draw was the claw (third on the left). Finally the dino/monster creation on the far right. Clouds were added and a little water. spike-robots-color   Colour layer added. I am happy with the red and brown, they mi together well and remind me of my usual colours. The magenta is new for me, it's certainly much lighter and bright then the usual colours I would use. Cyan for the cloud. Blue for background (but it's too dark, I miss my light blue!)