Strangegrace illustration

Digital work from UCOL. It was for the a illustration project – creating a character for a video game or movie etc.. The character I came up with was this two-legged, large head, with sharp teeth. My tutor, Steve really pushed my drawing skills. Background is minimal – similar style to what I have going now. I spent a time on Strangegrace, detailed shading and shadows. Doing a project like this now would be interesting… my knowledge of human anatomy would be a advantage and generally better drawing skills. I can’t remember using reference for this. I was never taught how to use reference efficiently. I’d like to set briefs for myself creating characters and creatures and developing them further. Doing life drawing all the time comes a point where I want to develop an idea further. That’s why these Reddit SketchDaily projects have been fun and helpful – they have gotten me out of my shell and helped develop my work further beyond simply drawing or painting the figure. I am missing life drawing.