Street Sign

Update on Blender works. I've started taking ideas from my sketches and modeling them in Blender. Since I so often draw street scenes it's about time I work on creating them from my art. Real streets, drawn, then re-imagined in a 3d environment. I wanted something simple that I could repeat - so I modeled a power pole and a light. Buildings were build later. I used alot of the same assest as previous works - such as the texture for the floor and continued to use the same red, yellow and blue in painting. I'll like to keep these colors and develop a world. As you can see I have added a little water mark to the bottom right. This is something I will continue to do in all my artwork - just something small to link it back to me. Seeing it now - I shouldd drop the opacity the logo.  On the left you can see the buildings. These are not in the animated film as they were added a later point. I'll work these into a future cut. The video I made. I've already started expanding on ideas started in this. It needs more particle effects - rain and snow would be cool. Needs detail - more polygons to make up the scene. Story is important as well - something I often struggle with.