Sunday Morning

It is Sunday morning. I havn't done anything today. But here's a blog post to get started. The place is tidy. It needs to be tidier though. Yesterday I tidied. Though I went though some older posts and turned the drawings into digital works.  It's been a long time since I've done life drawing. I use to do it often. There are several life drawing classes I'm interested in doing next term - including Rogers week one block class. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are all 6 hours of life drawing. Dan and Catherine also have a life drawing class during the term - as a weekend class. The JPG file. Quality is better than GIF but GIF has the advantage of creating animation. It would be nice to create GIF with JPG quality stills. These drawings were all quick gestural works - breaking the figure down to cubes and basic shapes. I've explored these shapes and developed them further over several months.  Gary Johnson. This was a warmup work - just wanted to get looser with the tablet. It's been a long time since I've drawn/painted political figures. I would take my sketchbook into BackBenches and Sketch people.