To follow a blog or not

To Follow a art blog or not This post is going to talk about art blogs that I follow and reasons behind following them. Why I follow a blog I like finding new blogs to follow. But it’s hard to keep up. My favorite are drawing/painting personal art blogs.Showingg WIP, technique, development, criticical, original content. Many of these are on my blogroll The other, are database blogs. They posts other artists art. DoodlersAnonymous, Art Attacks Online, Lines and colours. I follow to discover new artists and be inspired by a range of artwork. Text and discussion are important. Blogs that only post images lose my interest. I like reading about art. That’s why I’m enjoying the writing blogs, plenty of reading. There is a point when looking at art is too much. Amount of posts is another. Poor post quailty is worse. Art blogs are generally ok when it comes to spammy posts. Political blogs are the worse. I just checked the unread for my politic roll – some blogs have over 100 unread. Builds up quickly. Ii’ll rather visit the site then try to keep up with posts in a reader. ComicTool Thanks to ConceptArt I found ComicTool. This one is going into my FavArt blog roll. The title says everything . It’s focus is on comics and tools. Updated every Saturday the blog consists of interviews with artists, reviews (dip pens, brushes, erasers). Tools of the trade. I follow lots of art blogs but rare to find them blogs about art tools. The reader interaction is great. The blog interacts with readers – answering questions and posts from twitter. Reviews of drawing and art tools would be fun to do. And to finish off Might apply for a job at the French art shop and Gordan Harris. I’ll love to work on their social media presence and a job in a artistic environment. Access to material for reviews/use would be great Penaddict is a similar to comictool. It focuses on pen reviews. I’ve followed it for sometime. I haven’t brought any of the pens but It’s nice to read about different pens and how they do.