Toy Landscape

On Friday I painted on GIMP at TLC. We didn’t have a model so I just hanged out in Garys room with Rachel and such. I haven’t been very good with keeping up with Reddit SketchDaily. This was spose to be a toy design but turned into a landscape. If I feel like painting a landscape, I’m going to do it! I saved ALOT of layers when working on this (17 in total), I shank this down to 7 frames for the GIF. I started with a yellow background – created with a large brush. I then sketched in a toy design – gave him a stick to hold and used a red color scheme. I then focused on the background. Blues first. I created a horizon line where I separated the water with land. My thought behind the land was desert skinny hills. It needed contrast so added red at the end. I’ll explore this further. I added a bridge over the water. This helped bridge the gap in perspective. light highlights added to the water – simply adding white to the blue. In the foreground I explored a reddish-brown, I completely changed the foreground – making the character almost non-existent. Here’s the moment I’m most happy with. Perhaps I should develop from here.