Unity - 1st and 3rd cam experiments

I'm currently in Wellington for several days but have had time to work on projects. I've decided to give Unity3d a go - and move on from Blender. I still enjoy Blender but feel I need take my artwork into Unity. I've tried UDK and Hammer but Unity seems to suit me best. I've managed to create a 3d first person environment using my artwork as textures. This was rather simple as I was able to use the standard character library within Unity. I used the basic cube to create the area then textured with my own artwork. I also managed to make a fixed camera 3rd person camera view and a follow cam 3rd person. I'd like to experiment with these further as I'm more interested in creating something 3rd person over 1st. My latest scene I've created. This started with a first person camera but I replaced with a 3rd person. I wanted a fixed camera as in my previous scene I had a 3rd person follow cam. This hasn't been successful so far but I'll keep working on it. The ground texture is a simple wood texture that I created with wood workshop - the textures on the side are recent digital paintings created in GIMP. First person view. In this scene I worked with HUD - masking off areas to create a goggle effect. I'd also like to work with in game dialog - using my portrait skills to create portraits in game for character. The landscape is for the dialog.... I'll work on improving this later but wanted more then just a blank color. The 3rd person scene I was working on. I used the build in character and this was working great till I started messing with some settings and broke it. The third person camera still works but no character is showing. I'll like to replace the default character with one of my own that I've created in Blender. I'm having problems working with the imported blender files. I need to figure out how to convert them to the same mesh as the created in Unity.  Third person fixed cam working. A simple cube was the character. And finally a video of a first person scene: