Vector Logo Mall

I spend the majority of my digital painting time in GIMP. I love it, I always will. I've tried other Raster programs out there - and will continue to use - DeviantArt Muro, Manga Studio, MyPaint, Alchemy, Photoshop. There is another set of programs I can paint with.. Vector. During Highschool I spent time learning Freehand. It was a favorite program. I enjoyed this more than Photoshop. Having a tablet back then would of been great - even if it was a tiny 2x2 screen size. Anyway, I learnt Freehand, then moved onto Illustrater. In 2007 I did the majority of my digital work in Illustrater. Later I moved to Inkscape - cos it's not Adobe. Here are two logo/header displays and a paint over of a sketch:This is a paint over as well. I used a figure from GIMP and painted over in Inkscape. I used my mouse for it. I've been using the tablet lots - it needs a new nib and I can't find the packet. I think the mouse does a decent job at painting. Clearly the model is James. Who else could look like this? One of the advantages of having these files as Vector objects is the freedom. I can scale, and mix without losing any detail. Paint over of Lynn Mall sketch. Color used is inspired by my other works. I think I'll keep working in Inkscape. It's something different that allows me to create works digitally.