Vincents Negative Space

Here’s some life drawing from last weeks Vincents class. I attended both Tuesday and Thursday, plus I made it this week (Tuesday – not sure if I will go  Thursday). Model on Friday so I think 14 hours is enough. I can’t remember the model’s name – I’ve drawn her before.. Need to remember names as I hate writing these posts referring as model or them. I talked to her after class quickly – she had attended TLC years ago when it was in Island Bay  A page of quicker poses. They start with 2 min poses. I like this length to begin with as it gives enough time to study an area and get some information down without having the problems of  ’oh crap, hate this long pose, nothing to draw’.  Out of these drawings I like the breast on the right. The tone is working well.  I’ve put much study into the torso. Those crayon studies are paying off! Getting to torso correct makes measuring the limbs easier. Starting from the nipple and work out – this is especially easy on female (I find it easier to draw the female figure over male, but enjoy drawing both equally).  On certain poses the shadow below the breast is helpful for measuring – this leads into the armpit and down to the bellybutton. It’s all about connecting that tone together to create one large mass of tone. That’s how I like to look at life drawing. Portraits. These are on the verge of anime. They are certainly styled.  That’s ok though, I am still focus on looking at the model and capturing whats there. By creating a more stylized look I am morphing it into how I see it. This goes against the last paragraph. I’d like to experiment with merging a stylized look with classical studies. Color pencil. Recently discussed negative space with my flatmate. I talked about the advantages of using negative spare around the model to measure the model. Keep referring back to the model. This helps with creating a setting for the model – rather than blank space. Longer pose. This style is certainly a favorite of mine and I’d like to develop it further.  Majority of the model captured – plus I used negative space to measure distances. I was happy that I got it mostly correct – except for the head. Need more technical feedback about my life drawings.