Vincents Tuesday April

Drawings from Vincents. I went in with a a3 visual diary and pencil. And, colored pencils. Stuck with primary - yellow, red, and two blues. The yellow and red was used mostly on the model - yellow for light, red for darks. Blue for the negative space. I hadn't been since some point last term. It was great to see people - Phillip was there who I hadnt seen since some point last year. Freeman White also made it. I had drawn the model before - can't remember her name. She has a similar look to Helena Bonham Carter. Always enjoy drawing her. These are five two minute poses. Kept with HB pencil and strong straight lines. Black colored pencil would of worked well and stood out better. I feel I had a stronger knowledge of the 3d form after the time spent working with Blender. The 5 min poses. Color added to the figure - yellow and red. Blue is used for negative areas. This allows for clear contrast. I started with drawing a nipple and working out from there. Helps with getting everything looking right. I guess that's why I find drawing females easier - boobs are great reference for measuring, guys - the information isn't there. Though guys do have some advantages - like facial hair! All these were similar standing poses. Standing is one of my favourite as it gives me a great view of the overall model. Onto 10 mins... I switched colors. Gave Phillip several of my colored pencils to experiment with. He normally works just with pencil. I can't do that - color is important for me. Especially in longer poses. Grey was used in several of these works. In the middle pose the model posed by lying back on the chair. This causes an interesting shape - partially with creating a flat look in the breasts. Basically looking from beneath. Final 20 mins. I'm especially happy with these and feel I've managed to capture the model well. Has my life drawing improved during the break? I'd like to think so. I'll likely make it to Vincents again tomorrow. Unlikely to attend next weeks as TLC has life drawing on Monday and Friday. YAY life drawing.