Wall Paint Levin

I've been cooking (curries, and a cake), and giving the place a tidy, and slight move! Moved all my gear from the lounge to my bedroom - which is now taking a more computer and art studio setup. Works for me though. I haven't done any digital painting but have had a go with acrylic paint - on the walls.

I had no refernce or ideas - just going on the idea of an enviorment of some sort - maybe a landscape. Straight in with paint - drawing in lines - then covering in tone.
My palette, old plate. Primary colors - yellow and blue have been used. About to do a layer of red, helps the highlights and the balance of greens and reds.
Basic idea, building up the marks. Large flat brush is used. Exploring ideas that I started with oil painting. Leaving areas. Filling areas. Character in the foregound. Great to have the room to develop a character and the enviroment around him. This is certainly a painting style that works for me.
Legs. Very important. How else can he walk? The red in the background is a pillar the two characters are standing on - the the foreground area. Below is the forest and water. Travel on the pillar? The corner. Lots of white space still. Needs reds and more blues.
Some red added over the green. Using opposites works well.
Far right, The other edge of the painting. An oddly shaped mirror rests againist the wall. Several characters have been painting. Reference was me - a self portait! Interesting how the colors change on the surface - darker blue to light.It's a jigsaw. I can take pieces out and apply new pieces. This is a acrylic painting I did when I first moved back to Levin. A new layer has been added. Blues and reds. Blends into the wall.