wellington draw

Currently in Hastings. Busy with the photos, plus some drawings. This post is for the drawings I did during my time in Wellington. I have wifi. DSC_9106 This view is of on the corner of Tory Street and Courtney Place. DSC_9108   Right side of the page. Here I've captured the end of the building is the rail traveling in the air. On the right is a black pillar shape. It's a sculpture in the foreground, only able to fit part of it in so framed it up against the edge. DSC_8950   The waterfront. I sat on the Wellington Waterfront on a Sunday morning and drew this. In the distance a ship is docked. This is where I start. From here I build out DSC_8958   Sitting on Cuba Street. This is a favorite spot for me. The drawing is of the buildings in front of me. I love to draw Wellington. DSC_8960 Another Cuba Street view. I've drawn this exact scene before so great to go back and redraw. DSC_8961 DSC_8962