Wellington Harbor

Continued taking the drawings from Wellington into GIMP and turn them into Concept Artwork. This was one of my favorite drawings I did well in Wellington - Waterfront on Sunday morning. When I lived in Wellington I would often make it into the Te Papa market to buy fruit and veges - and get some sketching done. It was lovely to do this again. Here's the painting process:

I started with mashing the two photographs together. I worked the same size as the previous work - 6000px by 200px. It's a great long format that works well for these ladscape type works.Line added. I kept with the black line but I should explore different colors - browns might be good. Using something that's not black will help remove the cartoon feel I get. Tone added. I used a light and mid gray for the objects and a dark gray for areas of the water and the figure in the foreground And finally color - same color as previous works. I want to create several of these works everyday - using the same colors (though I leave room for more colors to happen - especially lights and darks of current colors). I kept the figure in black as it helped give the sense of perspective. Looking at this now - more reds could of been using on the right side. Maybe even capture the figure with some reds. Would highlights of light on the figure help?