Wellington Rail Remake

This is Wellington Railway Station Digital Painting, I've been producing plenty of RedditGetsDrawn works lately, these have been a character focused but have included basic environments  I don't like the idea of just painting a portrait or character, it has to be within an environment  I decided to go back to an older pencil drawing that I've worked from previously and produce a digital painting of it. ca-rail-REMAKE-refThis is the pencil reference I used. This was drawn during a trip to Wellington in 2012, The scene is out front of the railway station in central Wellington.  It's one of my favorite drawings. Like previous works I've done like this I opened this up in GIMP and created a new layer for the line ca-rail-REMAKE-lineLine. I traced over the reference. Used my laptop computer for this - usually I use my desktop. The settings are a different for the paint dynamics and I'm not getting the best thick to thin. It's something that I need to fiddle with.ca-rail-REMAKE-tone And tone. Harsh dark for the figures in the work, and a mixture of mid to lights for other areas. I just guess the tone and made it up as I went. I started a color layer for this - only did a little before I got distracted with something else. I'll likely just keep this a black and white tone work. I want to produce more of these environment works - maybe look though more of my older drawings and develop works from them.