Welly Blend

The place I was staying in Wellington didn't have any internet. I spent my last night there working for several hours in GIMP - I modeled a new scene and worked with an older one. I want to take more of my sketchbook works into Blender. I'll start with the new scene I made. Inspration for this comes from the street drawings of powerpoles and trees. Digital paintings have been using to texture. I started with just basic color textures but found the paintings felt more complete. Wireframe view. From left - camera, streetlight, spotlight, tree claw, and in the back the streetpole has been repeated several times. The ground and side are 2d planes with a painting projected onto the. I also used a standard area light to light the whole scene. Solid view. The pole and tree are UV mapped with a santa digital work I did for SketchDaily. The background and floor are digital landscape painting It was fun to create something completely new. I often recycle my models, without impoving on them. I'm very much interested in lighting and camera angles.  Wireframe of a recycled scene. The four leggef creature was created sometime ago in blender. Since then I have experimented with him in several scenes.I have also started using the model as part of the enviroments. Stone, frozen in time. The chairs and desk have been used before. They make helpful props.

Side is a recent digital painting of ChCh. These common street views have  become more and more of a major project for me. I am over half way full in my landscape sketchbook. I'm certainly a huge fan of rectangle shaped paper - I would use it commonly at TLC for life drawing.
Floor is a warm up digital painting - just scribble of lines to develop my strokes.
Another view of the scene.
Video of rendered footage. Plenty of experiments with lighting and cameras. Attempts to make seamless footage.