Good morning. I got back to Levin yesterday - my Fathers place. One of the first things I did was open GIMP on the desktop computer and produce a digital painting - and record it. I didn't record the color stage, but managed to record all up to grayscale tone. Here's the painting: wel-train-ref The far left reference is a sketch book I did in Wellington at the railway station. I've taken this into GIMP previously and was happy with the result. I thought it was about time to have another go. On the right I added a drawing of a cafe in Takaka, and above that trees in Christchurch.  wel-train-line Line. I modified my pressure settings in GIMP to get more variety in my line - you can see this in the figure sculpture in the middle - very thin line. I'm happy with this line as it gave me enough information to develop good tone over it.  wel-train-bw Grayscale tone. I made up the tone as I went by just applying a range of tones over the page. For more important areas or foreground I used dark and light for less important areas. Darks for figures always seems to work best. Now, color.  wel-train-col I had lots of fun with the color on this. Mixed and layered. The colors are my normal ones, but I also included a different tone of the red that I use for the line And the video, sorry for missing color. Better than nothing!