Tribute. Planning to model this suit in blender. It seems easy enough and can use it as a costume for a character. I have a basic few characters that I'm happy with (still need to tweck mesh on many. More detail is whats needed more. Buildings. Streets. I need a world created.  Planes with the drawings UV mapped onto them. I need to learn more advance texturing techniques. Need to watch more youtube Here's what I modeled (and textured) out of the life drawings. Again - no head was modeled. I think it works well. It certainly gives it a different look. Lighting in this cubes with colored material. I'd like to digitally paint the colors then use that as lighting. More interesting then using normal spot lights. Here is a bunch of rendered material: The most recent works. I'm looking forward to experiemtning with these more - opening up older blender files and editing them again with the skills I have learnt.