Yeah Town

It's been a busy few days - I've been going into my Mothers work and doing painting with the kids - 4 year olds. When I made it home I got stuck into a digital paintings in GIMP. It's been a awhile since I did an environment work so decided to Alright, here's the works: Mashed together a drawing from Levin, a landscape from Alchemy and a photograph of the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs - focusing on the singer. I've drawn this image of the Yeah Yeahs before - in pencil. Line. I am concerned with the scale and perspective of the Karon O figure - especially with the cars and pole in the back. The pole looks like it's coming out of her ankle. The Gray.  I started over the right side and worked left - with an effort to make interesting textures from the same brush. Maybe I should of used multiply brushes. I ignored the reference and focused on the line work - creating a tonal piece that doesn't feel like a paint over. I have been applying a paint over technique to my works that I have found to be giving a weird look - focusing less on the paint over and more on creating an interesting paint layer. Color. I lowed the opacity for the color to 20% and just painted over the gray. I used two blues for the sky, red for the tree leaves and ground, orange for other ground areas. The area on the left - which looks like mountains I used orange on it. I spread a green around the page - Karons clothes, areas in the background and on the ground on the left. And finally the video. I'm happy that I have started making these videos at full HD - 1080p.