Open licenced artwork by William Mckee

sept 2022

Welcome to September 2022. This month is special because it’s my Fathers and Grandmothers birthday. My Grandmother is the same age as the late Queen. Congrats! I was in Sydney and Melbourne this morning. Didn’t do any artwork, but did attend APIDays Conference. When I returned to NZ I did a bunch of artwork - mostly from redditgetsdrawn. Enjoy ~


A crazy busy landscape line drawing with both black and red colors. There is a figure on the left with a very long neck.


A landscape with alot of water. Some marketing ad notes on the top left.


Landscape, Figures and portraits. More marketing ad notes.


A landscape with lots of water. No notes on this one!


A drawing of u/aesthel from redditgetsdrawn. I liked her goggles on the forehead and interesting makeup (spots near the eyes)


A drawing of u/aprikahan from redditgetsdrawn. Simple portrait of her looking to the side, nice necklace and suit.


A drawing of u/artboxcreationsinc from redditgetsdrawn. This one reminded me of Pepper and Carrot being witch themed. I liked the patterns on her clothing, interesting shaped glasses, witches hat (which most is missing from my portrait) and straw broomstick.


A drawing of u/lullabyformycat from redditgetsdrawn. Cool tattoos on the arms.


A drawing of u/nosebearnosebear from redditgetsdrawn. Again, tattoos are fun to draw. This time they were on the arm and shoulder.


A drawing of u/ruairi from redditgetsdrawn. Finally a male! This one is interesting because his head is in the stocks and he is pulling peace symbol.


A drawing of u/thespacecase93 from redditgetsdrawn. I like the suit and baldness. Reminds me of of Agent from Hitman. Or maybe Lex Fridman if he lost his hair..


A drawing of Unknown from redditgetsdrawn. Normally I’m good at writing down the usernames, but missed it on this one! oh well, might go back through history and find / update later. I like the hate and the arm going over the head.