Open licenced artwork by William Mckee

pencil ink travels

Here are recent pencil and ink works. I recently brought a small notebook, ink pen, and clutch pencil from the Japanese store here - much cheaper than gordan harris. Though I would like to get a larger notebook in the future - the one I am currently using is A6 and A5 would be better.


From imagination


From imagination


This is a view on K Road, Auckland. Looking towards the Rockshop building. Tress, landpost, buildings, and traffic lights.


This is a view in Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. It is looking out towards a island. I caught up with my friend Brooke who I attended The Learning Connexion with… almost a decade ago now.


Full character with horns over two pages. Landscape in the background.


View from minibar in Wellington, New Zealand. I got a jug of cider.


From imagination


Notes taken at the Auckland Python meetup. There was a bunch of speakers - from chicargo crime to a django site for marine repair hiring, and RESTful best practices.

I am going to submit a talk for next month. I will either talk about MindBodyOnline API and what I am doing with it for Hot Yoga Works (a talk I have never done before) OR Space GIF (which I have talked about at NASA Space APPS and Sydney Python)


This was drawn in Napier, New Zealand. I traveled to Napier to visit my Grandfather but he was unwell so I didn’t end up seeing him. The view, weather, and my time in Napier was good though.

I have drawn this scene previously when I have traveled to Napier in the past to visit Grandad.

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Merry Xmas. Another year is almost over. But here’s another post of artwork. I started a new job last week, which keeps me busy during the day. But in the evening I got home and felt like drawing. Which is great, as when I wasn’t working it was hard to motivate myself to draw most days. Alot of this artwork was created well watching the new season of Rick and Morty (which I have drawn characters from in the past) and the new Netflix show - The Witcher. I have The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch and own The Witcher 2 on PC Steam, but never really played the 2nd one.


Rick and Morty inspired characters with water below.


No leg character on the left with a circle spiral around it.


A character on a raft.


Comedy Unleashed is a Youtube channel standup comedy channel I watch sometimes. On the right is a Rick/Morty portrait. And the words Mike Mendel - producer of Rick and Morty.


A landscape. No characters but clouds in the sky, Squiggles for water, and a mixture of circles and rectangles for the horizon line.


A full figure standing on the left. Squiggles on the right for water. Half circles on the horizon. A building with G shape.


A line drawing trace from a strip from David Revoy E29 of Pepper and Carrot. Original artwork, used under ccby licence. No pepper or Carrot in this - instead a dragon from another dimension.

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Having a go with a new function for adding art to markdown. The previous function I used to do this would take all the artwork for today (galleries, year, month, day) and it would create the markdown from this data. Embedding the images into the markdown file. I then had to open the markdown file up and add in comments about each piece of artwork. I don’t want to do this. I want to do this with a python function. So now this function asks for the piece of artwork, and a comment, and then appends the data into the markdown. I think a front-end would really help which renders the image and the name, allowing user to type comment in textbox.

Anyway, here is some artwork.


a landscape from imagination. Chinese Pinyin surrounding. It has been awhile since I have practiced.


A portrait from RGD. This is of Pillsbiruru. I like her large glasses. They remind me of mine.


A figure from imagination. They are pointing to the side. Rectangles in the background, with spiky mountains behind them. In the foreground is swift water


A landscape. Skinny long tree in the center with branches coming 0ff. For the leaves sharp fin triangles. Diamonds scatter the sky.


A landscape. Framed for mountains, Squared spike in the center. Few clouds and lots of circles in the sky.


Another landscape. The water at the bottom is very thick, the line has been repeated several times. A character in the back. With clouds in the sky.


A start of a portrait from RGD. I never wrote down the name of the user.


A portrait of nara


A portrait. Random Joy Division quote at the time. I guess I was listening to some Joy Division and thinking about Wellington.

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I have been getting out more often with my Raspberry Pi and smaller display screen. It’s a bit easier to use in public than the 7 inch setup. Here is a mixture of digital drawings I created from both street views and imagination.


portrait drawing of Lee Kuan Yew. I have put a talk submission into pycon sg. I will talk about processing my art.
In the background I have drawn a landscape. cronulla-landscape

I took the train to Cronulla on Wednesday afternoon and went to the beach to draw. This view was drawn looking north.


A second Cronulla drawing. This one is look South - back towards where I sat to draw the first drawing.


A robot with a sun in the sky.


A very happy looking robot.


A robot that is thinking.


A robot with six arms.


A robot with stripped fingers.


I sat outside Westfield in Hurstville and drew the buildings. My goal is to get out more and draw more buildings and street scenes - along with beaches!


I sat at the rooftop in Wesfield Hurstville and drank a drink well I drew the view. It was mostly tables and seats, but there was a few plants which made it more interesting.


A scared looking robot.


A robot with targets as eyes.


A short robot with landscape behind.


A tall robot.


A fat robot.

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This will be my final post before I fly to New Zealand for Linux Conference Au. I will be back in Sydney at the start of Feb though. I plan on bringing my painting gear to New Zealand, so will likely do an update or two.

I have not been drawing people on redditgetsdrawn but I have been drawing random landscape. This is the results.


I was quite excited to find out that a bunch of work entered the public domain on 1st Jan 2019. One of the items - a Charles Chaplin film. This was drawn as I watched the film. Got to love public domain!


A character standing on a plank in a landscape. Ripple affects below and to the right. Behind circles.


Filling in the center area with scribbles. A fork pieces the ocean.


Family terms. Character in color to the left.


I’ve been enjoying making these large curve shapes. They are very satisfying.



Two pens with clouds and spiky landscape surrounding.


Rewatching 12 monkeys. I have no idea how many times I have watched this show. It’s so good.

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The first update in months. I have not attended life drawing since September. In November my Raspberry Pi 7 inch TFT broke along with losing the pen. I have recently replaced the pen but not the TFT. Instead I am using the old 3.5 inch broken screen. It’s not as easy to use as the larger offical screen - but better than nothing. I have also been using the Pi connected to a normal monitor - though this is not portable.

Here are several pieces of artwork that I have created since I got a new pen.


This was drawn when I was working on the NBA api. I wrote a script that downloaded gifs for each NBA team. If I was to go back and extend it further I would merge gifs with player names.


ConceptArt Environment of the Week. Interior or exterior of a market vendor selling weapons in the middle ages. I didn’t end up drawing anything but it’s a good warmup.


Landscape and shapes, portrait and house on a hill. Alien like create standing on a rock in the water.


Friends children portrait. Photo was taken in the middle of December. Like usual I made them look much older than they really are.


Grayscale tonal layer. Issues with their ears and who goes in fron of who. In the end - made the boy in front with the girl slightly behind. Light backgground with no detail.


Colour tonal layer. Yellow for the skin, red for the hair and mouth. Red was used for the darker areas of the nose but it should be a darker yellow. Blue for the background. Green for the boys tshirt, and pink for the girls.


Landscape. Creature to the left. Waves leading into the foreground.


Grayscale tonal. Light for the sky in the distance. Mid dark for everything else.


Girl holding a mic. Usual background


Grayscale tonal. Standing on a darker area.


Line layer overtop of the mic girl grayscale tonal layer. Replaced the girl with a spike creature.


Reference was a old wellington painting - one of my favorites. Replaced the figure with a new figure.


Grayscale tonal layer of the Wellington figure.

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