Open licenced artwork by William Mckee

pencil ink travels

Here are recent pencil and ink works. I recently brought a small notebook, ink pen, and clutch pencil from the Japanese store here - much cheaper than gordan harris. Though I would like to get a larger notebook in the future - the one I am currently using is A6 and A5 would be better.


From imagination


From imagination


This is a view on K Road, Auckland. Looking towards the Rockshop building. Tress, landpost, buildings, and traffic lights.


This is a view in Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. It is looking out towards a island. I caught up with my friend Brooke who I attended The Learning Connexion with… almost a decade ago now.


Full character with horns over two pages. Landscape in the background.


View from minibar in Wellington, New Zealand. I got a jug of cider.


From imagination


Notes taken at the Auckland Python meetup. There was a bunch of speakers - from chicargo crime to a django site for marine repair hiring, and RESTful best practices.

I am going to submit a talk for next month. I will either talk about MindBodyOnline API and what I am doing with it for Hot Yoga Works (a talk I have never done before) OR Space GIF (which I have talked about at NASA Space APPS and Sydney Python)


This was drawn in Napier, New Zealand. I traveled to Napier to visit my Grandfather but he was unwell so I didn’t end up seeing him. The view, weather, and my time in Napier was good though.

I have drawn this scene previously when I have traveled to Napier in the past to visit Grandad.

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