Open licenced artwork by William Mckee


Happy April. All this artwork is from April. I have not travelled anywhere for a month and have sadly lost my job. I have been keeping busy by learning Japanese. I have not been writing much code as I have felt somewhat burnt out after finishing off at my job.


A portrait of roicehawdt from redditgetsdrawn. I have been working on my getsdrawn script that downloads images from redditgetsdrawn drawn, builds a nikola blogpost from it, and uses MS azure image to return info on the people in the image (gender, age, faceial expression). I wanted to build something that would help me filter certain images from rgd that I want to join.


A portrait with glasses peaking out from the landscape.


A vampire with a smile.


brawlers landscape


A portrait of budybeingyours from redditgetsdrawn. Her hair is long on one side - sweaping down to her chest. Hand on the back of her hat. In the background - a quick landscape sketch with water and mountains with circles inside mountains. It’s missing clouds!


A character with no head but it has legs.


Hiragana pratice. I’ve been mostly filling out a sketchbook with characters.


A portrait of nimidori from redditgetsdrawn


A landscape with lots of drone like shapes in the sky.


Robotos with a circle cross mouth.

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Happy Easter. I have spent Easter at home and writing code to classify reference reactial recinision code with microsoft azure.



a portrait drawing of April.


Happy 21st to Jack. I have known him his whole life. I feel old.


A landscape with character with thorns.


A character with sad face.


A portrait of Laura. We never met but talked online for a few weeks. I like her round glasses.

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Happy First of April. No update this year in March. I guess I was busy with my job and the lack of social interactions.

Here’s some drawings from the month.


Jessexciting from redditgetsdrawn. I like the animal sitting on her head. It adds character to the piece. She is looking up at the animal. In the background there is a fence.


zig zag waters




portrait of izzle. Straight hair and drinking a cup of tea. Eyes closed, look is down.




a character on land


Manny left working at Indago Digital so I drew a portrait of him before he left.




bizzzawr portrait from redditgetsdrawn, Big rim glasses similar to my general glasses.




a portrait of ruth. we went to starbucks together once.


a portrait of olivia. We never met but she was nice to talk to. She had long wavely hair.




devilharpy portrait from redditgetsdrawn. big lushish eyes. cute circle nose. Facepaint under the eyes.



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It’s a leap year! Leaving the post to last minute of the month. I have a new monitor at home which I have been using for digital drawing - vertical style. I’ve gone back to horizontal as I was unable to figure out how to rotate the input on the wacom drawing table to vertical, so it makes the orientation hard. Still I think at some point I will buy myself a large drawing tablet as it will suit my larger monitor better.

Here’s the art from the month, it’s all been completed from home (another Pi for my portable monitor would be handy, I’m quite excited that Raspberry Pi recently reduced the price of pi4 2/4 gig models - I think I will pick up a 2gig version sometime soon. I will use this for my home desktop computer and use my current pi4 1gig for the portable Pi. They have certainly came a long way since I started using them in 2014.


A drawing of two figures from RedditGetsDrawn - username is emopartytime. The position was unusual and made it interesting. Plus I rarely draw multiply people.


A portrait of Harsita-r from RedditGetsDrawn. Broke her face up into lots of shapes. I like the star pattern on her dress.


Wideleg character in the top left.lots of tube like shares with lines running through them.


Landscape on the bottom left. Circles for the mountains in the distance.


Portrait of theoofficalradio from RedditGetsDrawn. She was wearing a black hat, which I tried to cover in with line. Nothing in the background


This was the first test with vertical monitor. All the black line was not set for pressure sensitive. Repeat of the one eye character.


Circle arm character on the bottom left. Holding his arms up. Stars for eyes, and a monobraw.


A portrait of Rosalia. I had lunch with her at the Rusty Rabbit Cafe. It’s a nice cafe. This drawing of her was referenced from a photo taken in Dubei. A beautiful building the background, with water in the foregrond. She was wearing very dark glasses but I have added her eyes and added line overtop to show the dark glasses.


Vertical drawing of scatterbrainzzzu from RedditGetsDrawn. I struggled to draw a circle for her eyes due to the wacom drawing table being horozontal but the monitor being vertical. It took alot of concentration to get it right. Nothin in the background, but stripes for top. scatterbrainzzzu


redaxelavi from redditgetsdrawn

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The holiday season is almost over. This is the second post for the year.


Found my manual for the video game deadcells - so I started drawing a character from it.


A portrait of Giang who I did collab artwork with in my last post.


Spiral land.


A combo of two phillfromgchq panels. I liked drawing the buildings.


Portrait of workmate who recently left the company. I drew this portrait as a leaving gift for him. It was printed and included in his leaving giftcard.



A portrait of mean_muggnz from redditgetsdrawn.

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Happy New Year! It’s the first post of 2020. This one has a mixture of rgd portraits, random doodles, and some collab with Giang.


The request from Giang was to draw Cronulla beach. We were sitting in Hyde Park so I had to do it from memory. Lucky for me I had been at Cronulla Beach the day before. I started with the landscape in the background. A horizon line. Giang said the waves were too large. But I think Cronulla has quite large waves. The clouds are larger than my usual clouds. In the center - a character.


A grayscale painting of the Cronulla scene. Normally I just stick with line. The character has been changed from the line version


And finally a colour version of Cronulla Beach. Blue for the sky and waves. Red for the land in the distance. Pink for the sand on the foreground, and a yellow for the character and fish in the water.


This was drawn at Cronulla Beach on Saturday. I drew the cronulla lifeguard tent and then made everything else up. I was infuenced by the surroundings though.


Drawing of xsalachia from RedditGetsDrawn. I like the tattoo on her shoulder. Added in buildings and waves for water in the background.


A collab piece with Giang. She started it and added the trees, sun, girl, flowers, swing, grass and clouds. I added the cat, more grass and clouds, airplanes, and a character on the swing. Collab works are always fun!


Character standing on a circle spiked object.


Portrait of Babyiennecfox. I don’t normally draw males but when I do beards are always the best to draw (something that females generally lack). His eyes are large. In the background - square tiles.


A sun with a face. I was going to add a face to Giangs sun but she stopped me. Likely for the best.


Drawing of nahez2421 smoking a cigar. Gangster.


A character with his hand on shoulder, and in the air.


A portrait of imadamnedfish from rgd. I like the plaster on her nose, and the black chocker on her neck. Curly fence posts in the background


A character with longhair


The final collab piece with Giang. We sat at Hyde Park and worked on this piece together. She added the trees and I added the statue and water fountains.


Drawing of artboxcreationsinc from rgd. I like her glasses and the shape of her arm.


Special thank you to Giang for the collab on several pieces in this post.

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I spent the day drawing people on RGD and two strips of the comic PhilfromGCHQ. Here are the results:


Portrait of Zepril from RGD. Basic. I like her neckless. The eyes are a little strange with alot more marks than other areas of the page. Background is basic with just a square fence behind her, no landscape.


The original E86, and myE86 remix of PhilFromGCHQ. I liked the scifi aspects of the piece. The moons in the sky, along with the alien characters Aside from the bust, this is missing nudes.


I watched Season Two of Lost in Space, so this is a drawing I did during it. The center robot character has a circle face along with stars similar to the robot in the show. A full figure has been drawn several times. Along with wavely water and buildings with squares. In the sky - clouds.


A more basic robot in the center. couple of clouds in the sky, with squiggles for water in forground.


Drawing of caitie-p-sweets from rgd. I like the lean she is doing, along with the pattern on her shirt. Unlike alot of the portraits I’ve been doing I have managed to fit the majority of her body into the piece. In the background a shower curtain and walls.


Drawing of Hongle492 from rgd. I’m a little disappointed how her teeth came out - they are certainly one of the hardest things to draw. I was inspired by philfromgchq in the crossstriching for covering dark areas - shown here in her top. In the background - rectangles for bricks.


Drawing of Tikachu_ from rgd. I like the downward expression. Though the eyes were tough. Again cross sketching for her top. Plants and rectangles (bricks)


Drawing of emo-username. No hair but was able to do small dots instead. Nice eye movement to the right well looking left. Cross sketching for top again. Landscape in the background, clouds in the sky, and squiggles for water in foreground. Few mountains in the distance.


A drawnig of Tiffany.


e85 of philfrom gchq.

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Merry Xmas. Another year is almost over. But here’s another post of artwork. I started a new job last week, which keeps me busy during the day. But in the evening I got home and felt like drawing. Which is great, as when I wasn’t working it was hard to motivate myself to draw most days. Alot of this artwork was created well watching the new season of Rick and Morty (which I have drawn characters from in the past) and the new Netflix show - The Witcher. I have The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch and own The Witcher 2 on PC Steam, but never really played the 2nd one.


Rick and Morty inspired characters with water below.


No leg character on the left with a circle spiral around it.


A character on a raft.


Comedy Unleashed is a Youtube channel standup comedy channel I watch sometimes. On the right is a Rick/Morty portrait. And the words Mike Mendel - producer of Rick and Morty.


A landscape. No characters but clouds in the sky, Squiggles for water, and a mixture of circles and rectangles for the horizon line.


A full figure standing on the left. Squiggles on the right for water. Half circles on the horizon. A building with G shape.


A line drawing trace from a strip from David Revoy E29 of Pepper and Carrot. Original artwork, used under ccby licence. No pepper or Carrot in this - instead a dragon from another dimension.

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Lack of updates. Been busy with other projects but heres some artwork. Starting new job soon which will keep me busy, but hope to still update this now and then.


a landscape of a character in water


portrait drawing of usernamealreadyyours from redditgetsdrawn


portrait drawing of kartofelki from redditgetsdrawn


A gasmask drawing. I have been wearing a mash outside sometimes due to the bushfire smoke.


I have a nintento switch and Zelda Breath of the Wild. This is a fanart drawing of a character from the game.


Another Zelda fanart drawing of Link climbing and of the games title.


Portrait drawing of xiopath from redditgetsdrawn


Looplandscape drawing




Fanart drawing of game mana spark which I brought from the switch store for $1.50

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Having a go with a new function for adding art to markdown. The previous function I used to do this would take all the artwork for today (galleries, year, month, day) and it would create the markdown from this data. Embedding the images into the markdown file. I then had to open the markdown file up and add in comments about each piece of artwork. I don’t want to do this. I want to do this with a python function. So now this function asks for the piece of artwork, and a comment, and then appends the data into the markdown. I think a front-end would really help which renders the image and the name, allowing user to type comment in textbox.

Anyway, here is some artwork.


a landscape from imagination. Chinese Pinyin surrounding. It has been awhile since I have practiced.


A portrait from RGD. This is of Pillsbiruru. I like her large glasses. They remind me of mine.


A figure from imagination. They are pointing to the side. Rectangles in the background, with spiky mountains behind them. In the foreground is swift water


A landscape. Skinny long tree in the center with branches coming 0ff. For the leaves sharp fin triangles. Diamonds scatter the sky.


A landscape. Framed for mountains, Squared spike in the center. Few clouds and lots of circles in the sky.


Another landscape. The water at the bottom is very thick, the line has been repeated several times. A character in the back. With clouds in the sky.


A start of a portrait from RGD. I never wrote down the name of the user.


A portrait of nara


A portrait. Random Joy Division quote at the time. I guess I was listening to some Joy Division and thinking about Wellington.

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