Open licenced artwork by William Mckee

FOSS Asia 2023

This is from my trip to Singapore where I attended FOSS Asia. Some of the drawings are on the plane, some are from the conference.


A talk about the Edge


Drawing FOSS Asia logos and people on stage (during keynotes / intros)




A law talk at the conference.


A landscape drawing on the plane which includes a man.


Openeuler, one of the sponsers of the conference.


Redis VS Postgres talk.


A landscape drawing with a star.


ZigZag. Getting warmed up with the drawing tools on the plane.

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I attended TechExpo in Auckland over the weekend. I have a new keyboard. It’s mechanical. Brown cherry mx switches. It’s quite large (not good for travelling), but it feels so much better than my previous keyboard. It should help encourage me to write more.

Anyway, here’s the artwork from the techexpo. Some of it is from the event - there was a spot for me to setup at the Wacom booth. I let others have a go with my painting setup. The other drawings (figures) are from Reddit references.


This was drawn preconference. Rick and Morty mentioned at the top. I have no idea why because I don’t see any reference to them in this drawing.


This was drawn by those attending the Wacom booth. I like the cat and the squiggle - it looks like it turns into a signature.


The artist that was at the booth drew this - a portrait and dragon. Impressive - he did it with no reference. My no reference drawings are so much more basic. Oh well.


Circles attached to a range of shapes. Several basic portraits and characters.


Another cute animal drawing. This one looks like a pig. Some drawing of words. Hi Ben, and TK.


Drawing of an old flatmate in a bikini. The foreshorten was excellent - I had to draw it.


Two figures from Reddit. The poses were lying down. Their Reddit Usernames are underneath their figures.


Three figures. Focusing on the shape of the figure. The heads were cutoff so it forced me to focus on other areas.




Two figures. Stepsrcool gets a bonus drawings as I drew the figure reflection from the mirror. Mirrors offer extra practice! It also makes it easier to line things up.


Notes and drawings during the Wacom talk. It was great to meet staff from Wacom. They liked my setup and got a few photos of my setup. They were also good about letting me sit at their booth and draw - I would of left Techexpo much earlier if I couldn’t do this.

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Attended AWS summit Auckland 2017. It was the first time I had attended a AWS conference. It was very heavy vendor based conference - reminded me of HackAkl.

I arrived late and missed the keynote. I also didn’t attend the final session. It was great networking - I got to catch up with a few old faces and meet new ones.

Here is the notes I took during the conference:


The 2nd talk I attended. This was a level 100 : driving Business Outcomes with a Modern Data Architecture. I may of been better to attend the AI or Security talk that was on at the current time. It was still enjoyable.


2nd part of the data talk


The final talk I attended of the day. This was Advanced Continuous Delivery on AWS. Wordpress was used as an example.


IBM did a talk called Developing Your IoT Solutions. It was the only hardware focused talk I attended. One product mentioned was the Intel Commute stick. This is similar to a Raspberry Pi.


Pre conference drawing of Phillfromgchq .

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Notes from TheBlockchainNZ conference.


Start of the conference. Overall about - tips such as sit somewhere different after breaks. This was followed by Ministers speech which was bullshit. It’s a shame the crowd were not allowed questions.


Andreas was the keynote on the first day. It was certainly a highlight. He’s an excellent speaker and I’ve been watching his videos on youtube. He asked the question: Is Blockchain real money?


Andreas spoke about the history of money - going back to barter and the introduction of precious metals - and how they are useful for other uses than just money. He talked about the future - the diamond age where you can convert anything to anything.


Digital apple vs a real apple. How to create scarcity with the digital apple so that it is similar to the real apple.


Emma Weston from Agridigital. The use of the Blockchain for supply chain of food. This is relevant for me as I would love to do something similar with my art/blog. The ability to for others to access my content decentralised and track the uses/adapt/remix of my work. This was one of the first portraits I drew during the conference also - it was mostly just notes.


Fran from BraveNewCoin. Another Economics heavy talk.


The keynote of the 2nd day by Vitalik Buterin. Cryptoeconomics. History of decentralise - bit torrent. Public then private. He gave World of Warcraft as an example of private use of torrents.


Christoph Jentzsch presented on the story of The DAO. This was interested and informative.


Welcome to day 2 and beginning notes from the DAO talk.


Kaidi Ruusalepp presented on the Funderbeam story. Portrait of her in the top right.


Hedgefunds. Issues around tax and tokens. hire a economist. Security focus - attacker only needs 1 mistake.


Stephen Macaskill talked on the history of money. It shared similar ideas as Andreas talk. He hardly mentioned Blockchain which makes him a true winner.


Intro on day 1. 4th industrial wave was mentioned. The term ‘disrupt yourself’ was mentioned and during the keynote Andreas responded negatively to the term - no one wants to disrupt themselves.


Max Kayne talked about online voting. This is certainly a hot topic and I can see the Blockchain helping with the ability to vote online.


Margaux Avedisian presented on “Beginners Guide to raiding money via ICO’s”.


Portrait of Margaux.


They had lightning talks! This was a great chance to hear thoughts from a range of speakers. I didn’t take digital notes though most (was slow to boot up the Pi) but I did manage to capture Lukasz Zawilski from NZQA. I managed to catchup with him for a chat. CYBER!


Pamela Morgan presented on ‘TL;DR session for lawyers on bitcoin, blockchain and smart contracts’. The target audience for the talk was lawyers but it was one of my favourite.


Pamela talk part 2


A talk on protocols. Thank you https:// - we wouldn’t have ecommerce without you.


Smart Contracts are neither smart nor contracts. It’s just software.


Grant Anderson presented on “The case for a NZ Gov backed digital currency”. The Tui is the name he has proposed.


Continue of Grant Anderson talk. Is visa money? Form of dept.


Two from Webjet presented on what they have been doing with Blockchain. It was interested to see the different stages that they are working through. Portrait on the bottom left!


webjet part 2


Maksim Izmaylov talked on “Inequality and innovation in the Blockchain Era”. He spoke directly followed the guys from Webjet and it flowed on perfectly. He was able to build and add to elements that Webjet had spoken about.


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I attended Serverless Auckland April meetup. Richard Stinear spoke about Azure Functions.


Drawing I did before leaving to Auckland.


owaspnz2017. The 8th owasp and the 2nd time that I have attended. This was drawn during the intro and includes the title of the first speaker.


Talk on the owasp top 10 and the changes that are happening to them. I am especially happy to see unprotected apis added to the list, along with merging several existing.


Security Misconfig. SQL injection and good practice.


The basics of XSS - history and what it is.


How to handle user uploaded files.


The 2nd piece from Serverless. Notes on AWS costs of ec2 vs lambda.


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